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This is Apreels

Apreels comes from "April", the month when spring is at its peak in the place I live. I can witness the rain wetting the fields where flowers bloom but I can also watch the sun rise and leaving the most beautiful sunsets of the year.

Our jewelry is made of 925 Recycled Sterling Silver and 3 microns of 24kt Gold Plated.

We guarantee a long life for your jewel.

Highest Quality

We designed and manufacture each piece.

All the process, except the jewelry casting, is made by us in our cozy workshop located in Valencia, Spain.

Own Process

We don't work with stock, we produce the orders by request, avoiding overproduction.

Having our own workshop and Gold and Silver plating means that we can speed up manufacturing times.

Made to Order

I've been immersed in the realm of artisanal jewelry since 2017 and my journey has been a testament to passion and creativity. Guided by the mantra 'Wild Souls in Silver Shapes' since I started, I've dedicated myself to crafting pieces that resonate deeply with my  innermost sentiments. Nature serves as my muse, inspiring a profound connection to the organic world and the boundless freedom it offers in the creative process. Every piece I create is a manifestation of this harmony, a unique blend of craftsmanship and the untamed beauty found in the natural forms that surround me. Join Apreels on this transformative journey, where each handcrafted creation tells a story of wild souls entwined with the artistry of Silver.


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