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At APREELS, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials. Our jewelry is meticulously crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and Gold plated in 3 microns of 24-karat Gold and we include a Silver cleaning cloth in the packaging so you can use it to clean your jewelry.

Taking care of Sterling Silver and Gold plated jewelry is essential to maintain its appearance and longevity. There are various factors that can cause Silver to tarnish and Gold plating to fade over time. Therefore, we provide you with some tips to keep your jewelry looking as beautiful as the first day. 

- It is crucial where you store your jewelry since factors such as humidity or artificial light can accelerate oxidation.

- Avoid contact with corrosive agents such as bleach, perfume, chlorine, sweat, or makeup.

- We recommend that, if your jewelry is gold-plated, to ensure the longevity of the plating, you remove it before showering or bathing in the sea or pool. This prevents contact with soaps, chlorine, or saltwater.

- If you have a jewelry box, store your pieces in separate compartments to prevent scratching and to avoid silver mixing with other metals that may cause oxidation. You can also store them in individual pouches.

- Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place, preferably airtight, to prevent oxidation. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial light can affect the appearance of your jewelry, causing the gold plating to darken.

- If you haven't worn your jewelry for a while and it has tarnished, use the silver cleaning cloth that you will receive with your order until those small spots disappear.

- If the gold plating starts to fade or wear off, contact us. We offer complimentary gold plating within the first 2 years after purchase.

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